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The Blocking of 59 News Websites Brings the PA under Fire from Within and Without

A Ramallah court’s decision to block 59 news websites in the West Bank has drawn sharp criticism from inside and outside the Palestinian government....

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Bundestag’s Resolution on BDS Sparks Widespread Outrage

The Bundestag’s adopted a resolution equating the BDS movement with anti-Semitism. This step infused extreme and immediate reactions across the...

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During the Latest Escalation between Gaza and Israel, the Palestinian Authority Remains Silent Again

In another cycle of violence in Gaza, the PA has remained unable to exert influence to halt the suffering of Palestinians in the blockaded Strip. This...

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Student Council Elections – the Palestinian Most Persistent Expression of Democracy

As the season of university councils’ elections comes to end, the Fatah-affiliated Shabibeh is emerging as the clear winner. But despite the long...

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New Palestinian Strugglers

The new Palestinian government was sworn in on Sunday, headed by Prime Minister Dr Mohammed Shtayyeh. The majority cabinet consists of Fatah members...

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Freedom of Speech in Palestine Under Attack as Authorities Crack Down on Activists

The case of popular Human Rights Defender Issa Amro, who currently stands trial in Palestine as well as Israel, highlights the dire situation of...

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Israeli cuts to Palestinian tax revenues may put the PA on the brink of collapse

While the Israeli government announces to withhold $138 million in Palestinian tax payers money, the Palestinian Authority might soon find itself on...

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Israel ends mandate of TIPH international monitoring forces in Hebron

In January 2019 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined the renewal of the mandate for the “Temporary International Presence in Hebron” (TIPH) and...

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